To learn the logical functions AND, OR and XOR, start the application in the directory where you downloaded it and the three pattern files.

From the menu choose ‘Patterns->Load Patterns’.  Choose one of the three files (and.pator.patxor.pat).

In the right hand control panel, choose your Learning rate, Momentum, Number of pattern presentations (= Learning steps), and the weight range for the initial weight initialization.  Then click ‘Train’.

The input layer is displayed at the bottom of the screen.  Activation propagates from bottom to top.

Observe the plot of error (calculated per pattern) shown in the bottom right corner.  For AND and OR, this should almost always converge to a low value long before the default total of 5000 pattern presentations has been reached.  Once the average error falls below a threshold (arbitrarily set to 0.1, not modifiable), the simulation will stop.

For exclusive or (xor.pat), you may or may not observe convergence.  Some starting configurations do not converge for the default parameters.

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